The Art of Diagnostic and Aesthetic Medicine


                          Robert L. Johnson MD MBA

LATEST NEWS:  Dr. Robert Smyer will be closing his practice at HealthPoint on August 1st and opening his practice in my office on August 15th!  He will be accepting my former patients, and he will have one of the best office staffs one could possibly assemble.  Kim will remain in the office, and he will retain most of my equipment, including the hair removal laser and the pain machine.  I would invite you to join his practice at your earliest convenience.

 As you may know by now, I have decided to close my practice in Lubbock in an effort to provide more security for me and my family.  I will be working as the medical director for the hospitalists at the Medical Center of Plano.  As such, I will not have a conventional office as I do now, but I will update my contact information as soon as I can.

I cannot tell you, my patients, how sad it makes me to leave.  I have practiced in Lubbock 16 years.  I was born here, raised here, and have my family here.  I have so many reasons to want to stay!  Each of you are so dear to me, and my relationship with you has been truly blessed.  But (and you know there is always a but) I must put my family and my responsibilities as a husband and father above all else.

I see the climate of change coming from the recent "healthcare reform" package (shoved through congress and disguised poorly as a means by which to "cut costs.")  We all know that it will result in catastrophic damage to our freedoms as both providers and consumers of health care, and cause massive increases in costs, rationing, and punitive regulation of physicians and patients alike.

I know all-to-well the result of government intrusion and micro-management of health care having dealt with Medicare for so long and having worked in the VA system in the past.  I have watched the government mandate expenses for me while cutting my reimbursement on everything I do.  They have forced cost-shifting that has resulted in huge out-of-pocket expenses for every non-Medicare patient, whether they have insurance or pay cash.  They have criminalized simple errors, and castigated physicians as fraudulent and manipulative parasites of the system.

I want to insulate myself from this environment as long as I can, and unfortunately must leave Lubbock to do so.

I want to reiterate that I love what I do... I love my patients, and I truly wish that I could have made another choice.  Thank you so very much for your genuine love for me, your kindness and paitence, and your unflinching faith in me.

So many of you have said that you hate to see me go but you understand why it is that I have chosen this path.  Thank you so much for your trust and insight.  The only thing that I ask of you is your prayers.  Not only for me and my family, but for Kim, and Kelly, their families, and the physician taking my place.  Pray that God would exert His will to stop and even reverse the assault on our rights, our freedoms, and the foundations upon which the greatest nation the world has ever known are founded upon.

I am also painfully aware that a great number of  you genuinely feel what you have told me so many times.  "Dr. Johnson, we really like you, but we LOVE Kim and Kelly."  The good news now is that Kim will be in the office virtually the entire summer, and will join Dr. Smyer's office in August.  She will be joined by Becky and Linda from his current office.  All of three of these women are some of the most dedicated, compassionate, and kind people I have ever known.  You will love them!  I promise.

When I finally do move, I plan on coming back to Lubbock once every 4 to 6 weeks (dependeding on the need or the demand) to participate in Botox parties.  They are so much fun, and a good excuse to come back to Lubbock.  Please email me below to set one up.

If you have any comments or concerns, or want to set up a party, please email me at  One of the funnest Botox parties is a bachelorette party.  It MUST be at least two weeks befor the wedding, but the bride will leave the wedding looking MARVELOUS!!

If you would like more information, please email me at the above address.

Thank you so much,

Robert L. Johnson MD MBA